Youth Development and Education Internship in Kenya.

While Kenya did implement universal primary education so that eight years of schooling are provided free, additional costs of uniforms and books still prevent many from attending. Over 1.7 million children remain out of school - the majority of whom are street children living in slums or in marginalized pastoralist communities. Secondary schooling that properly equips children for the next level is extremely expensive and rarely accessible in underserved areas.

At the root of the problem is a drastic decline in education funding and social services by the Kenyan government and international donors. The easily visible result is that a large percentage of Kenyan youth only have a basic level of education, few usable skills, and minimal employment opportunities. The poor education system and subsequent idleness of these adolescents creates a dangerous combination that frequently leads to drug abuse, early pregnancy, crime and other severe behaviors.


All over Kenya, among slums and rural communities.


Support a community youth center's initiatives aimed at providing families the information and tools they need to avoid and remove themselves from common poverty traps. Participate in educational theater productions, facilitate group discussions with peer educators, provide counseling, and support income-generating activities.

The Project Background:

Support Youth and Education initiatives in Kenya by teaching core subjects in English to primary or secondary school students, subjects include mathematics, business education, biology, chemistry, physics, English, music, art and design, history and civics, HIV /AIDS education, and geography.

Field Conditions:

Organize recreational activities for students, such as soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, music, dance, drama, choir, boy/girl scouts, field trips (to local forests, prisons, and hospitals), farming activities (gathering crops), and/or horticulture. Provide counseling, tutoring, and recreational activities to primary school children who've been orphaned, generally due to HIV/AIDS, and are at severe risk of dropping out of school.

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