Kenya Community Development Internships.

This project delivers opportunities to children from disrupted homelives, supporting health and social awareness in an area with high HIV prevalence, prostitution and drug abuse, and limited access to healthcare. Interns not only make a direct contribution caring for and educating the children but increase the capacity of the centres to improve facilities, programmes and funding.


All over Kenya, among low and mid-level in-come urban and rural communities.


A life changing experience caring for orphaned and vulnerable children; support primary education and receive training in communicative teaching; develop health, social and environmental awareness programmes through arts and sports; guide children on trips. Put your skills and experience to use improving facilities and resources or fund-raising. Live amongst, learn from and support Kenya's urban impoverished communities; learn Swahili. Explore history, culture, beaches and nightlife.

The Project Background:

As part of this internship you will alongside a dedicated staff supervisor and local volunteer teachers in any part of Kenya. You will typically be working with children aged between 3 and 13 and will be working on basic education and literacy projects as well as childcare. The children's centre aims to combat social pressures that lead to substance abuse and crime. You will also work at a home for HIV / AIDS orphans, helping the dedicated staff care for the children. This internship will allow you to make real differences in the lives of the children most in need, and gain invaluable hands on practical experience in a variety of fields, including project management and team leadership.

Field Conditions:

No special training or qualifications are required as you will receive training in the field.By living with a family, volunteers will learn about the day to day rhythms of Kenyan life first hand as well as sample traditional meals not usually available in restaurants.

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