Empowerment of Women and Children in Kenya.

The purpose of this internship is to provide meaningful interventions that respect cultural belief and historical experience, but still help to combat the incidence of hygiene-related disease, HIV/AIDS, child prostitution, pregnancy complications, hunger, poverty, and lack of education


All over Kenya among rural communities, slums neighborhoods and community based organization, Non-Governmental organizations and research institutions.

Highlights :

Those interested in working with the internships may come as a volunteer, or as an intern or independent study student for university credit. The program suits teachers, medical ( nurses and doctors) professional or students, business professional or students and general volunteers with no specific skills but a desire to reach out to those in need.

The Project Background:

The intership helps communities achieve empowerment by increasing literacy for women and children, improving health status, and eradicating poverty.The internship operates several development programs, all of which are community-driven, low-tech and sustainable. Programs include comprehensive education initiatives, skill-building income-generating activities, community heath initiatives, and a Junior School for local children.

Field Conditions:

Be 18 years or older ,have no major health problems , have no criminal record
Self motivation, patience, open minded and respect of local culture, traditions and dress code.


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