7 Days Eastern Arc Mountains Trekking in Tanzania

The Uluguru Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc Range, and form one of the country's most important water catchment areas. As the Eastern Arc is just 2% of Tanzania's land area and yet contains 40% of the plant and animal species it is biologically very rich in endemics. Consisting of two linked massifs that rise up dramatically from the surrounding plains, the Ulugurus are only a 3 hour drive from Dar es Salaam.
The local people of the Ulugurus are from the Waluguru tribe. They have been living in the mountains for several hundred years, coming from other areas of Tanzania as a result of conflicts.

Dar Es Salaam-Uluguru Mountains Arc Hotel (HB)

Day 1.Pick up in Dar and transfer to Morogoro Town, at the base of the Uluguru Mountains. Lunch at a pleasant restaurant in town, then you set out on the Morningside Trail. Steep in some places, this half day hike meanders up to an altitude of 1000m passing through farmland and villages en-route, offering great views down onto the floodplains below. Back to Morogoro for dinner and you will be staying in a hotel in town.

Uluguru Mountains- West Usambara Maweni Farm (HB)

Day 2 - It is wise to begin the hike early before it gets hot in the lower regions. Breakfast will be at sunrise, then you set out on the hike to Lupanga Peak. A hard walk to the top of the highest peak accessible from Morogoro. The trail passes through farmland, and into the forest along a ridge-top, moving through dense stands of tree ferns festooned with lichens and mosses, and finally up a very steep slope to the top of the peak. Views are amazing on a clear day. Back to Morogoro for a late lunch then transfer to West Usambara, arriving in time for dinner at Maweni Farm.

West Usambara Mlalo Village (HB)

Day 3.After breakfast there is a short vehicle transfer out to Mlalo Village. From here you begin the hike that will take you over the Western Usambaras. The climate is cool and breezy up in the mountains, and the views are fantastic. You will spend the night in a villages en-route, a pleasant cultural experience.
West Usambara- South Pare Mountains Village Camp (HB) Day 4. Continue bearing south towards the South Pare Mountains. There will be another night in a village. In these remote areas the indigenous people are curious and extremely welcoming, and you will get to see something of village life.

Mkomazi Game Reserve Tented Camp (FB)

Day 5. In the morning you make a final descent down to the road where the vehicle will be waiting to transfer you to the little visited Mkomazi Game Reserve - hot, wild and arid. Camping overnight at a site overlooking the Dindera Dam, where game reguarly come to drink amongst the waterbirds.

Mkomazi Game Reserve Tented Camp (FB)

Day 6.All day walking safari in Mkomazi, accompanied by an armed ranger, as it is quite likely that you will encounter a variety of large game, including Oryx and Gerenuk!


Day 7.After a short game drive and breakfast, transfer to Moshi, Arusha or back to Dar.

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